1. Introduction

The AFIC (Asia Fire protection Inspection Council) aims to not only regionally and technically connect Asia into a single network but compose a council that has the character of public benefits to exchange fire-protection technology and promote the cooperation.

To exchange Fire service technologies that cannot easily be developed individually by the government or Fire service institutions of each country to promote cooperation, and to present and solve, by arousing public opinion, problems facing each country due to ISO and globalize Fire technologies.

Toward this end, we are going to continuously promote a positive activity through the formation of an organization for public benefits that leaders of Fire service institute and inspection agency of Asia participate.

AFIC will intend to exchange and cooperate the Fire-protection technologies to promote mutual public benefits based on each country’s Fire-protection industry and technology and to lead it of Asia. Also, AFIC will introduce Asia’s Fire-protection industry to the world to effectively cope with trends of globalization (ISO/IEC) and reinforce the status of Asia’s Fire-protection industries.

2. Our purpose

We shall establish a council that represents the Asian field of fire protection, promotes collaboration for mutual benefit and technical exchange based on each country’s industry and technology and development of Asia’s fire protection technology to be shard with the rest of the world, and enables the region to secure its position in the world in the field of fire protection technology.
In view of the foregoing, we wish to connect Asian countries in a network and establish a purely public council that isexclusively devoted to the promotion of technical exchange and fostering of cooperation.